Why Digital Consultants

Digital Consultants was started in 2005 with two core founding doctrine: Fairness and Common Sense. We believe in simple and elegant solutions to whatever corporate challenges that we may face with our team members. In everything that we do and practice, we will apply our commonsense together to figure out the best possible solutions. From top to bottom, every member of Digital Consultants will be treated fairly and equally. No matter how senior or junior the position is, we all will share the burdens and joys equally and fairly. With these two founding principles Digital Consultants is proud to offer a wide range of benefits to our members:

Health Benefits

Digital Consultants offers a wide range of Healthcare, Dental, and Vision plans and pays 50% of the cost.


We provide every employee the opportunity to enroll in a 401(K) savings plan and provide matching funds.

Paid Time Off

We provide our employees 10 paid holidays and additional Paid time off that does not expire with the calendar year.

Short Term Disability

We provide all employees with short term disability up to 11 weeks that covers up to 60% of base salary.

Reserve and National Guard Members

We provide compensation for Annual Training periods if your military pay is less than your salary.

Annual Raises and Bonuses

We provide performance based annual raises and bonuses.

Tuition Assistance

We provide reimbursement should our employees take classes towards a degree.

Long Term Disability and Life Insurance

We offer both long term disability and life insurance on a voluntary basis at great group rates.